Estill Voice Training® founder, Jo Estill, believed that “everyone has a beautiful voice they just need to learn how to use it.” She created a revolutionary system for training the voice focused on answering the question: “How am I doing this?” Through time tested research, innovative teaching techniques, and easy to use voice technology, Estill Voice Training® has helped hundreds of thousands of singers and speakers across the globe. 

Jo Estill Founder of Estill Voice Training

Jo Estill, Founder of Estill Voice Training

Jo Estill’s vision for a world of empowered singers and speakers is accomplished through our talented and robust certified community. Empowered by their own knowledge gained through an intimate knowledge of Estill Voice Training®, our certified community become agents of change in their students’ lives and agents of a paradigm shift in vocal pedagogy. 

It Starts with You

Certification starts with your mastery of the 13 Estill Figures for Voice Control™ and the 6 Estill Voice Qualities taught in Foundations of EVT, EVT Level 1 & EVT Level 2. Attending a course is your first step towards certification however it may be necessary to work through courses more than once or receive private training from an EMT or EMCI to develop the proficiency required to become an EFP. 

Certification starts by attending an EVT course

Certification starts by attending an EVT course

Although you may prepare for testing by studying with many members of the EVT Community, you are required to find an EMCI who is willing to act as primary Mentor for progress tracking in the Estill Voice International Certification Center. You are responsible for securing your own mentor. If you need assistance, please contact

What can you do with your EFP?

Certification provides formal recognition of your expertise and skills in Estill Voice Training®, which can enhance your credibility among peers, students, and institutions. On top of recognition, you’ll gain entry into our elite 1000+ certified body of like-minded professionals in voice education, science, therapy and performance. You’ll also receive lifelong continuing education keeping you on the forefront of voice training & voice rehabilitation. 

EFP or Estill Figure Proficiency is the first level of certification in EVT

EFP (Estill Figure Proficiency) is the first level of certification 

We Want You, To Help Others

Achieving certification is a fulfilling personal milestone. It recognizes your hard work and dedication to the craft of teaching voice, providing a sense of accomplishment and confidence in your abilities. It also enables you to further Jo Estill’s mission; empowering singers and speakers across the globe with vocal awareness, knowledge, and control.  

We look forward to welcoming you into our certified community and are happy to assist with any questions you may encounter. 

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