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Special Topics

에스틸 자격증 설명회 - Estill Certifications Presentation (ONLINE)
Course ID: 1342
Date: 2021/06/21 to 2021/06/21 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 6pm-8pm (Korean time KST UTC+9) - 오후 6시-8시 (한국 표준시) Cost: Free Language: Korean
Instructors: Francesco Mecorio, A Leum Lee , Boram Choi
Contact: A Leum 아름 Lee 이 | | 010-8978-4624; 010-4405-9069
Course Location:
Zoom Room Online
Online Online

This free workshop is a presentation of different certifications offered by EVI - Estill Voice International (EFP, EMT, EMCI)

Examination process, rights and duties and differences between certifications will be presented.

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