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Introductory Workshop

Estill Introduction Workshop: Get to know Estill Online
Course ID: 1989
Date: 2024/03/22 to 2024/03/22 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: Time: 1-4 pm ET or 19-22:00 Berlin Time Cost: 65 Euro Language: German Prerequisites: None
Instructors: Dr. Stefanie Rummel
Contact: Stefanie Rummel | | 0049 (0) 173 30245 78
Course Location:
Institut Rummel - Online
Koenigsteiner Str. 167 
Frankfurt Hesse
United Kingdom

Estill Introduction Workshop: Get to know Estill Online

Scientifically based, practically and/or artistically implemented!

  • Date: 22.03.2023
  • Time: 1-4 pm ET or 19-22:00 Berlin Time
  • Language: English
  • Lecturer: Dr. med. Stefanie Rummel (EMCI) - Estill Mentor and Course Instructor

Target group: voice teachers, singers, pedagogues, speakers, choir directors, lecturers, speech therapists, ENT doctors and phoniatrists, people interested in voice, amateurs and professionals   


  •    What is Estill Voice Training? An overview!
  •    The 13 figures and the meaning of Level 1
  •    6 qualities & Level 2: Speaking, Falsetto, Twang, Sobbing, Opera, Belt
  •    Science, practical exercises, finger signs & artistic expression
  •    Learn a few figures of the Estill System
  •    Recognise the clear systematics of this vocal technique!
  •    Everyone is trained individually! Small groups!
  •    Songs are used as examples for practice.


  •    Science, practical exercises, finger signs & artistic expression.
  •    Understanding versus imitation is the goal!
  •    Learn 13 figures of the Estill system
  •    Recognise the clear systematics of this vocal technique, which can explain many vocal colours!
  •    Everyone is trained individually!
  •    Small groups!
  •    In open sessions, practical units and theory are directly put into practice.
  •    Exemplary practice is done on your own songs of various genres.
  •    Alternatively, we work with your texts (poems, song lyrics, spoken texts)
  •    Please bring along: Playbacks, CD, USB, Ipod, glued notes or/ and lyrics in duplicate for 2-3 short open sessions.

Stefanie Rummel, MD

  •     Estill Mentor and Course Instructor and Estill Master Teacher (EMCI, EMT)
  •    Vocal coach for group and individual lessons
  •    Solo singer in musicals and own one-woman shows
  •    Trained musical performer (singing/acting/dancing)
  •    Cross-genre understanding of musicals, chanson, pop, classical music and gospel
  •    Background in human medicine gives an overview of vocal physiology and health
  •    Various further trainings in the field of articulation and voice
  •    Doctoral thesis on body language
  •    Choral background with children's choirs & concert choirs, voice coaching for choir directors

Included: Certificate

 Continuing education credits:

  •  The standards for the recognition of continuing education points are met.
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"The registration is binding. In case of force majeure, booked attendance dates will be held online instead. The same applies if a face-to-face appointment could lead to a health risk for the participants. For the online appointments, participants need a laptop or PC/tablet equipped with a microphone and webcam and a good LAN connection."



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