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Special Topic

Quality Variations & Combinations applications Course ID: 2386
Date: 2023/10/28 to 2023/10/29 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: Sat. 16.30 -22pm, Sun. 9 -17pm Cost: 275€ incl. coffee, tea, snack Language: Special Topic: Quality variations & combinations in different styles Prerequisites: Level 1+2 courses
Instructors: Helga Westmark
Contact: Helga Westmark | | +4524632212
Course Location:
Eulenstrasse 70 
Hamburg Europe

Course Description

This course is presented by Helga Westmark, who has been with the EVT for 33 years. She has a long experience as Estill Mentor & Course Instructor with Advanced Testing Privileges in Europe and she is educating new people all the way through the EVT system. She was taught and educated by Jo Estill herself during the 1990´s. Read more on 

This course is interesting for everyone, who wants to dig deeper into Estill and explore quality variations and combinations for different styles, etc. to accomplish the songs ! furthermore we focus on Diction, Artistry - and integrating it into our singing!

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