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Special Topic

EVT IN ACTION – Voice Performance tips and tricks: Course ID: 252
Date: 2019/04/19 to 2019/04/19 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 10:00-19:15 Cost: 160,000 KRW (up to 20% discount for students, early bird and more. Contact the host) Language: Korean
Instructors: Francesco Mecorio
Contact: Seong Ah Lee | | 02-2235-9727 /카카오톡 @극단뮤토
Course Location:
극단뮤토 - Theatermuto
중구 다산로 207 태정빌딩 4층 (Chongu, Dasan -ro 207 DaeJeong Building, 4th floor) Seoul, Korea 
Seoul Seoul

Course Description

The workshop will be interactive; after a general introduction of EVT, the participants will be encouraged to mention the most common problems encountered in voice performance. Also covered will be popular solutions often suggested, but often fail. While using EVT and its specific guiding principles & exercises, alternative solutions will be searched and presented.

At the end of the day, volunteers will have the opportunity to work on their acting and singing in a masterclass/open session where EVT will be applied to the solutions of common voice problems encountered by students and teachers.

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