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Special Topic

Belting II - Towards an advanced belting Course ID: 254
Date: 2019/04/21 to 2019/04/21 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 10:00 - 19:15 Cost: 160,000 KRW (up to 20% discount for students, early bird and more. Contact the host) Language: Korean
Instructors: Francesco Mecorio
Contact: Seong Ah Lee | | 02-2235-9727 /카카오톡 @극단뮤토
Course Location:
극단뮤토 - Theatermuto
중구 다산로 207 태정빌딩 4층 (Chongu, Dasan -ro 207 DaeJeong Building, 4th floor) Seoul, Korea 
Seoul Seoul

Course Description

Once singers or actors have learned the basic of belting, they can encounter further difficulties due to diction, range, interference of unnecessary muscles, length of a phrase, tasks & phrases, dynamics, musical/acting style, and more.

Although an introduction to the Estill Model and a basic explanation of belting will be given, this workshop will focus on the reasons of all these difficulties and on their solution.

The conclusion of the workshop will be a masterclass/open session where some volunteers will have the chance to work on their belting in acting and singing.

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