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Introductory Workshop

Estill Introduction Workshop Course ID: 3065
Date: 2024/07/27 to 2024/07/27 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 11:00 – 16:00 Cost: 50,00€ Language: English
Instructors: Viola Bornmann
Contact: Viola Bornmann | | +351 927 626 235
Course Location:
Pop the Wine
Rua do Vale de Santo António 180, 1170-382 Lisboa 
Lisbon Lisbon

Notes from your Trainer

Learn to use your voice like learning an instrument: Estill Introduction Workshop

I warmly invite you to the Estill Introduction Workshop in Lisbon, where you can explore and develop your voice both theoretically and practically.

In this Estill Introductory workshop, you will:

  • have fun playing with sounds and discovering the different parts and muscles of your vocal tract
  • feel the moving parts of your voice and hear how it changes the sound
  • gain an overview of the Estill Voice Training Model
  • explore the Estill Model with your own voice and get individual support and feedback

This event is for people who:

  • are interested to know more about how the voice works
  • would like to have more control over their voice and the vocal muscles
  • want to explore different sounds, styles, and genres
  • wish to maintain a good vocal health 

You will take away from the workshop:

  • a better understanding of how the voice works
  • a better perception of what happens in your vocal tract when you sing
  • more vocal control and more knowledge about how to train it
  • new and fun ways and tools to explore and train the voice

This workshop is for singers, actors, public speakers, voice teachers, clinical voice professionals, and everyone who's interested in how the voice works.

Free Spots: 10


About Viola: 

I am a trained singer and musician, Estill Master Trainer, and have been working as a vocal coach for over a decade. I have a degree in psychology and am a certified Systemic Coach (DVCT & ECA). As a coach and singing teacher, my passion is to give people a space to express themselves and be seen and heard. Estill is the perfect tool to give us the awareness and control we need to feel safe with our voices. I live in Lisbon and Berlin and teach both on-site in Lisbon and online. For more information, please visit

Cancellation policy: 

You can cancel the workshop up to 72 hours before the workshop (please write to As this small workshop usually sells out, if you cancel within 72 hours or do not show up, you are not eligible for a refund or credit for a future class. If you can find someone to take your place in the workshop within 72 hours of the event, please let me know, and I'm happy to arrange for them to take your place.

Course Description

Estill Voiceprint Plus™ is highly recommended for this practice group. Purchase this software (APP) for MAC or PC at the time of registration and receive 25% off the regular price. (This is a one-time offer at registration only).

A Certificate of Attendance will be issued upon completion of this workshop. This certificate is not a requirement for Trainer Certification in Estill Voice Training®.

Cancellation policies are at the discretion of the course instructor.  Refunds or course credit may or may not apply.  Refer to the course description or contact the course instructor for more information.

*Estill Voice Training®, and its parent company Estill Voice International, LLC, has neither an aesthetic nor gender bias and stands for the strengthening of cultural diversity, plurality and inclusion.

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