Nina Sainato

About Nina Sainato

Growing up in a multi-faceted musical family left New Castle native Nina Sainato with a divided love for both classical music and rock n’ roll. Nina has been performing in the tri-state area since the age of 6. An accomplished classical pianist and composer, her resume displays a mass of recitals and summits, claiming several state and regional titles of NFMC composition competitions and MTNA performance competitions at a young age.After attending NYU for piano performance, she transferred to Duquesne University to obtain her Bachelor of Music in Sound Recording and a Master of Science in Multimedia Technology. During this time, she welcomed the transition from classical pianist to pop/rock keyboardist, and re-focused her classical composition skills to songwriting.In recent years, Nina has made her mark as a versatile and respected vocalist.  She is passionate about the power of Estill and how it can be used to help artists capture the best possible performances both in the recording studio and live on stage.

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