The Estill Lifetime Achievement Award (ELAA) recognizes outstanding individuals from within and outside the EVT® community who have made significant contributions to the field of voice. Candidates for this award have served as role models and have devoted their careers to the advancement of voice research, performance, and/or voice education. These individuals have inspired others where voice is concerned. ELAA recipients have been leaders in the voice profession and have promoted an ideology where the needs and goals of others are met with an open mind and without aesthetic bias. They have embraced the mission of EVT® which is to bring quality voice training into all regions of the world. This award is presented at the Estill World Voice Symposium. See the complete list of winners at the bottom of this page.

Do you or someone you know deserve recognition for their work and contributions to the EVT® community? Send in your nominations below:


Year Location Winner(s)
2003 Santa Rosa, CA, USA — — —
2005 Orlando, FL, USA Helen Tiller and Julie Fortney
2007 Copenhagen, Denmark Dr. Svend Prytz
2009 Boulder, CO, USA Judith Balo Goff and Esther Spadaro
2011 Rome, Italy Alice Estill Miller
2013 Cambridge, MA, USA  Dr. Steven Chicurel and Dr. Osamu Fujimura (accepted by his son, Makoto Fujimura)
2015 Melbourne, Australia John Tomich
2017 Québec City, QC, Canada Dr. Eiji Yanagisawa, Richard Horne, and Elisa Turlà (in memoriam)
2019 London, United Kingdom Anne-Marie Speed
2021 Pittsburgh, PA, USA Mary McDonald Klimek
2023 Vienna, Austria Viv Manning
2025 Chicago, Illinois TBA