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Level 2: Figure Combinations for 6 Voice Qualities™

Level 2 Figure Combinations for Six Voice Qualities Course ID: 2774
Date: 2024/06/08 to 2024/06/09 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 15:00~21:30 Cost: 40,000JPY Language: Japanese
Instructors: Yukie Ina, Alejandro Saorin Martinez
Contact: Yukie Ina | | +81-80-4386-9930
Course Location:
Tokyo Tokyo

Course Description

Level 2: Figure Combinations for Six Voice Qualities™ is for anyone who has completed Level 1 (Hybrid or Standard) and would like to take their skills further. This course is ideal for singers, actors, vocal coaches, drama instructors, speech-language pathologists, and other vocal health professionals. Level 2 builds on the knowledge and skills from Level 1 by asking participants to combine different Figure options into"recipes” for six basic voice qualities - Speech, Falsetto, Twang, Sob, Opera, and Belt. Level 2 gives you a better understanding of the human voice’s limitless possibilities, along with how to keep it vibrant and healthy. This live course includes:

  • Level 2 Workbook™, supporting handouts
  • Introduction to Figure Combinations for Six Voice Qualities™
  • Vocal exercises for range, strength, clarity, and stamina
  • Large and small group learning and discussions
  • Masterclass/open coaching sessions for repertoire or case studies

Estill Voiceprint Plus™ is highly recommended for this course.Purchase this software (APP) for MAC or PC at the time of registration and receive 25% off the regular price. (This is a one-time offer at registration only).

A Level 2 Certificate of Attendance will be issued upon completion of thisLevel 2 Course. This certificate is one of the requirements for TrainerCertification in Estill Voice Training®.

Cancellation policies are at the discretion of the course instructor. Refunds or course credit may or may not apply. Refer to the course description or contact the course instructor for more information.

*Estill Voice Training®, and its parent company Estill VoiceInternational, LLC, has neither an aesthetic nor gender bias and stands forthe strengthening of cultural diversity, plurality and inclusion.

こちらの講習会は、公式講習会レベル1を受講され、各自の声の可能性をさらに発展したい方を対象としています。歌手、声楽の先生、ボイストレーナー、演技講師、言語聴覚士などを含む、声の健康に関わる全ての方を対象にしています。レベル2では、レベル1で学習した能力と知識が元となっており、6つヴォイスクオリティーを作るレシピのFigureを組み合わせを学びます。そのクオリティー: スピーチ、ファルセット、ソブ、トゥワング、オペラ、ベルティングも、Estillの Voice Model において定義されている明確なものです。 Figure Combinations for Six Voice Qualities ™は、人間の声の無限の可能性への理解を高め、自由と健康を与えてくれます。

講習会においては、Estill Master Trainerによる小さなグループ練習時間も設けます。参加者は、自分のレパートリーに合わせたFigureを勉強したり、場合によってはオープンセッションを受けることも可能です。もちろん、質問やディスカッションをするための時間も多くあります。


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