EFP: 2019
EMT: 2019

Specialties: Singing, Speaking
Languages: English

As a Singing Teacher and Voice Coach, I offer training for singers and speakers who want to learn how to get the best out of their voice, for professional or personal gain.  

An Estill Master Trainer, I am not biased towards a particular style of voicing - my job is to find out what you want to do with your voice, and work with you to develop a toolkit of choices to enable that.   

Depending on your requirements, sessions may include:

• Fundamentals of good singing technical skills and vocal health

• Vocal phrasing

• Support and posture 

• Preparing a song for auditions or performance

• Guidance on different genres, including pop, opera, rock and musical theatre

• Putting technique into context of a sung piece

• Extending your range

• Tone and volume

• Stamina

• Setting tasks that you can complete at home

• Help choosing keys that best suit your voice


• Professional or amateur singers singing for work or for fun

• Students working on a specific song or help choosing repertoire

• Musicians who wish to sing alongside playing their instrument

• Beginners who would like some feedback and guidance on their voice

• Actors who want help in achieving spoken vocal goals

I offer one off sessions and courses for individuals and groups, depending on your requirements.  

At your first session, we will discuss your vocal goals, and put together an action plan, which will include practice at home as well as sessions with me at my Brighton studio. or online via Zoom. From a one off session to tweak a song for an audition, to a longer term programme to learn more in depth vocal technique, we will work together to find the best routes for you.  

Please contact melstoner70@gmail.com to discuss your requirements.

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