Sereno Regis
Musician/Singing Teacher
EMT: 2010

Specialties: Singing
Languages: Italian, English

Riccardo was born in Turin in 1978 and he always showed a huge interest in music. He started playing piano at the age of six, after five years his interest turned on guitar. Moreover, since he was at the high school he was writing songs and singing its in bands. After the university he started a serious study in vocal tecniques and after few years of studies he joined the EVI group. Two years ago he founded a musical association called “La Saletta” in Turin; he got together other young musicians in order to organise lessons and shows and he also gives vocal tecniques lessons in the association. Besides this he sings in acoustic trio called “Trittico75” and he is songwriter in “Lisagenetica” band, with whom he recorded two albums and made more than 150 live performances all around Italy. 

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