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Dom Coyote
EFP: 2020
EMT: 2021

Specialties: Singing, Speaking
Languages: English

Dom Coyote (EMT) is a UK based voice coach, co-director of WorkYourVoice studio and long time artistic collaborator with award winning theatre ensemble, Kneehigh as both performer and composer. He helps singers, actors, voice professionals and leaders reach their full vocal potential through one-to-one mentoring and workshops. Dom’s vocal coaching helps clients discover new levels of confidence, versatility and sustainability. His work is rooted in Estill Voice Training. It encourages awareness and control in the student, through fun, practical exercises and Dom's deep understanding of physiology. Dom’s work as an artist is centred in voice. From performing in major shows at the National Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company, to composing vocal scores for hundreds of people, to releasing records spanning an eclectic range of genres, Dom’s experience as both artist and educator have honed his skills in vocal work. Dom’s teaching technique is extremely versatile and catered to the individual. Clients include West End performers, recording artists, actors, public speakers and leaders. His classes enable people to get the most out of their voices, whatever the style or situation. In Dom's lessons you will learn a host of different transformational voice techniques including exercises for confidence, clarity, versatility, grit/distortion, breath support, projection, vocal health and sustainability.

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