M.Ed.; PgDip- Voice and Speech Training
Michalina Zwierzychowska-Wydra
EFP: 2020
EMT: 2022

Specialties: Singing, Speaking
Languages: Polish, English

Holistic coach. Loves creating a positive atmosphere which motivates students to grow stronger in every way. Michalina is available for private lessons both online and face-to-face in her Studio in Poznan. She works with singers and speakers. Michalina holds a Master's degree in Pedagogy. She has also completed studies in Voice and Speech Training. She regularly attends international conferences such as "World Voice Teachers Expo" and " Estill World Voice Symposium". Michalina is also certified as MVT coach. She has completed a 1-year course at Compete Vocal Institute. She is continuously active as a singer. Michalina fell in love with Craft but she also believes in rediscovering the balance between the mind and body. She posses experience using Alexander Technique. Michalina is also a Certified Instructor in Buteyko Method, which help singers and speakers improving the quality of their sleep, everyday breathing and reducing performance anxiety. She is interested in overcoming psychological barriers. From 2022 she is certified as Vocal Health First Aider.

If you would like to have Michalina as you trainer, simply drop her a message.

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