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Sánchez Igal
Yolanda Sánchez Igal
EMT: 2012

Specialties: Singing, Speaking
Languages: Spanish, French, English

Yolanda Sánchez Igal is a professional singer and singing teacher for more than 15 years.

She studied the Estill Voice method in Eolia Voice Center, Interpretation and Dance. She was a student of Paul Farrington and Viv Manning. EMT since 2012.


1995 Social Work (UPNA)     

1996 Sociocultural animation ( UNED)     

1998 y 1999 Bursary  AIE Spain     

1998. Didactic Methodology Alaiz Fundation Navarra.    

 1999 y 2001 Jazz and Latin Music Seminars Sedajazz Valencia    

 2000 Music School Aula de Música Moderna y Jazz del Liceu en Barcelona.    

 2005 Cours "Interpretation and creativity in singing" Maureen Scott   (The Royal Academy of London)    

 2006 Musictherapy Mayeusis Foundation of the Superior Conservatory of Vigo (España).    

 2006 Adult Education (UNED )     

2010 Course “Recite singing"by Prof. Marco Beasley and Guido Morini  Superior School of Music of Catalonia.     

2014 Course "The forced use of the voice" of the Department of Voice Pathology of the  Hospital de Navarra.    

 2017 Course "Vocal Effects" by Alejandro Saorín EMCI en Zaragoza (España) 


She has worked as a singing teacher and vocal coach in music schools, theater companies and schools, as well as in cultural centers conducting workshops, seminars and master classes. She has been the choral conductor and vocal coach in Barcelona and Pamplona such as Tempus Musici Chamber Choir, Dmusica Gospel Choir and Alaikapela. Together with Alizia Romero, she has created the Navarra Gospel School. In the near future a Gospel workshop with Bazil Meade from the London Community Gospel Choir for the creation of the Navarra Gospel Experience Choir.

 Estill Voice Courses EFP and Level 1 and 2:    

 Barcelona with Viv Manning 2012     

Zaragoza with Alejandro Saorín y Alizia Romero 2017    

Bilbao Practice Group Estill Voice students 2016    

Estrasburgo with Kim Steinhauer, Isabelle Marx and Alizia Romero 2018    

Marsella with Stefanie Rummel 2018     

(On line) with Dorte Hyldstrup and Isabelle Marx 2020    

 (On line) with Marcello Zempt and Isabelle Marx 2021   

 (On line) with Francesco Mecorio and Alizia Romero and Adrián Aguilar 2021

(On line) with Dorte Hyldstrup and Isabelle Marx 2021

(On line) EFP Express with Alizia Romero April 2022

(On line) with Alizia Romero July 2022

(On line) with Alizia Romero August 2022 

(On line) with Alizia Romero November 2022

( On line ) Level 2 with Alizia Romero February 2023

( On line ) Level 1 with Alizia Romero from september to november 2023

Bilbao Practice Group Estill Voice Level 1 from november 2023 to may 2024

(On line ) Assitance in phase 2 of EMT-Cs may-june 2024

Introductory and Masterclas:     

  • Introductory Estill Voice and Masterclas for the Theater and Music Hall Etxauri, avarra 2016   
  • Introductory Estill Voice and Voice Masterclasses for Theater and Music Hall. Navarra School of Theater 2016   
  • Introductory Estill Voice and Voice Masterclasses for Lyrical singing and Afro-American songs. Artefisio Assistance Center for Professional Artists 2017.

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