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Ashleigh Dowler
EFP: 2021
EMT: 2024

Specialties: Singing, Speaking
Languages: English

Ashleigh Dowler is a professional voice teacher and vocalist working in Manchester in the north-west of England. He trained at Elliott-Clarke Theatre School in Liverpool for two years at the age of 16 and then went on to study a HE Certificate in Creative Musicianship at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London. Since then he has had a career as a professional vocalist which has covered session work, performances at music festivals, function bands, long-term contracts at sea, and national and international theatrical tours and productions. He has performed at Manchester Pride, Cambridge Jazz Festival and Factory International and creates musical experiences to encourage listeners to introspect on themes of connection and the human condition.

Ashleigh began his coaching journey fairly young, becoming the assistant musical director and vocal coach at a local YMCA Theatre Group in his home town of Southport while still in his teens. This is where he developed a real passion for helping people grow and develop their skills. He is experienced teaching a vast range of clients in both singing and spoken voice; from professional singers to passionate hobbyists along with actors/performers wanting to explore their vocal toolbox and workshop leaders or other people using their voices regularly for work wishing to get to the end of a long day without losing their voices. Ashleigh really believes that vocal coaching should be accessible to all who wish to explore it and an open, flexible approach in the studio combined with up-to-date information and knowledge is paramount to this.

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