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2024/11/30 - Voiceprint: Del Primer Clic a Nivel Avanzado Language: Spanish
Location: Online Location: El Burgo de Ebro, Spain

2024/11/06 - Level 1 and 2 Course - Тренинг 1, 2 уровня Онлайн Language: English
Location: Online Location: Online, Russia

2024/10/19 - Open Coaching Language: English
Location: Location: Bánovce, Slovakia

2024/10/18 - Estill & Gospel Choirs Language: English
Location: Location: Bánovce , Slovakia

2024/08/03 - Level 1 and 2 Course - NIVELES ONLINE INTENSIVOS AGOSTO 2024 Language: Spanish
Location: Online Location: El Burgo de Ebro, Spain

Vocal Fixer, Singer and Producer, B.A. Music Education, Vocal Therapy Master
Alizia Romero
EMT: 2012
EMCI: 2021

Specialties: Singing, Speaking
Languages: Spanish, English, French

Alizia has been a professional singer since 1996 and a vocal coach since 2000. Originally trained as a pianist, she holds a degree in Music Education. Her vocal studies began in 1994, encompassing opera, jazz, pop, and gospel. In addition to her ongoing Alexander Technique lessons, which she started a few years ago, Alizia holds a Master's degree in Vocal Therapy and another in Music Pedagogy. She is currently pursuing an IA Master.

Her YouTube channel, "Ahora vas y lo Cantas," has garnered over one million views and 36,000 subscribers. Alizia continues to thrive as a singer and master of ceremonies, directing her own entertainment company that features Gospel, Cabaret, and Boleros shows, among others. She also directs several choral groups, specializing in Gospel projects.

Alizia is employed as a university Spanish teacher at the MediaSchool in Strasbourg, teaches workshops in Spain, France, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, and manages an online community of students from over 20 countries.

Her journey with Estill Voice Training began in 2007 when she attended her first courses led by Helen Rowson and Paul Farrington in Spain. Since then, she has regularly traveled to the UK to advance her studies, including several master classes with Anne-Marie Speed and Paul Farrington at the Royal Academy of Music in London, and certification workshops with Matthew Reeve and Klaus Møller. She became a Certified Master Teacher for Estill Voice International in October 2012, after completing the Reeve & Møller Certification Pathway.

Since her certification, Alizia has worked with esteemed EMCIs such as Alejandro Saorín, Mary McDonald Klimek, Kim Steinhauer, Dorte Hyldstrup, Anne-Marie Speed, Helen Rowson, Tom Burke, and Francesco Meccorio. She diligently prepared numerous EFP candidates up until 2020, with 17 obtaining certification. From the summer of 2015 until 2019, she served on the Estill Certification Advisory Board, and was the first Secretary Officer from 2017 to 2019, being re-elected in 2021.

Alizia has participated in the First (Berlin) and Second (Barcelona) European Estill Summit Committees and has attended all the Spain Summits as well as the 9th, 10th, and 11th Estill World Symposiums in London, online, and Vienna. Mary McDonald Klimek has been her mentor throughout the EMCI Certification Process, which she successfully completed in October 2021. They have collaborated on translation work for the past four years and presented "Inside an Estill Paper" during the 10th Symposium.

Alizia is available to guide those interested in starting EFP, EMT, or EMCI certification processes and is also available for EMT-Cs or EMCI-Cs observations. Since qualifying as an EMCI, she has taught more than 25 official levels and has been part of the writing team for the new EFP certification guide.


Voiceprint: del primer clic a avanzado


Nivel 2 Online exclusivo para Logopedas Mayo, intensivo


Nivel 1 y 2 Online Intensivo Agosto


Level 1 and 2 Course - Тренинг 1, 2 уровня Онлайн


Nivel 1 Presencial en Valencia, España


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