Estill Mentor & Course Instructor - with Testing Privileges Advanced and Service Distinctions
EMT: 1998
EMCI: 1998
Specialties: Singing, Therapy
Languages: Danish, English, German

Helga Soested Westmark is a singer, pianist/composer and voice teacher, graduated from the Conservatory in Aarhus, DK, in 1988. She has been playing the piano and singing professionally since her youth. She has taught voice/singing on many levels for more than 30 years - in music schools, Conservatory, The Danish Theatre School in Copenhagen, The Danish Show and Drama School, privately, etc. She met Jo Estill in 1991 in Copenhagen and began her study of the Estill Model. From 1993 she became an intern and also coordinator of EVT courses in Dk. As Helga W. was educated by Jo Estill - she became one of the first certified Course Instructors in Europe! Since 1998 she has been a Certified Course Instructor with an extensive course activity in seminars all over Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and latest Czech Republic for singers, actors, speech pathologists, choir leaders, etc. She has testing privileges advanced and is mentoring and educating newcomers all the way in the Estill Model in many countries. Read more about her course activity on www.voicecenterwestmark.com. Together with Phoniatrician, Dr. Prytz, in Copenhagen, she has also experienced the value of the Estill Model as therapy for different voice disorders/problems as nodules, hoarseness, etc. the last 25 years. She has worked as a professional singer/composer and pianist for more than 30 years, performed with showbiz all over Denmark - made TV-Programs, Radio, etc. She has released 3 cd´s with her own music- "I Close My Eyes", 2000, “Blue Green” 2004 and “Circle of Sun” in 2018. She makes concerts all over Denmark with her own group. Read about her music and listen to it on: www.helgasoested.dk

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