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EFP: 2013
EMT: 2015
Specialties: Singing
Languages: Italian

Singer and musician (drum – guitar) For twelve years I’ve worked at Telequattro Network, the most known network in my city, that together with TeleNord covers all North East area of Italy Network I started as a musician and after three years I passed the audition as announcer. 1994 I won the competition of “Sanremo authors”. 1993 I sang and played drum with Roberto Vecchioni. Singing activity gave me chances to cooperate with national artists. Now I’m active as and singing and diction teacher in my own music school called “Adesso Musica!” At “Fondazione istituto d’arte drammatica di Trieste” I got a certification for teaching diction. I cooperate as a singer-chorister with “ Sandro & Sandra “ recording studio.. 1995 I created a musician duet “ Sandro&Sandra”, now very popular in Trieste. I have qualified for a Certificate of Figure Proficiency Estill VoiceCraft E.V.T. Since 2008 I cooperate with several theatres as Chorus member. 

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