Vocal Coach
EMT: 2014

Specialties: Therapy, Speaking
Languages: German, English, French

Thanks to her musical parents, Madeleine's joy for music started at an early age with the violine at age five and expanded shortly afterwards to piano, saxophone and drums. Her passion for singing developed through the membership in different choirs. In 2005, she graduated as a staatl. gepr. Atem-, Sprech- und Stimmlehrerin (state appr. voice and breathing coach) in Bad Nenndorf and has been supporting individuals, companies and groups as a freelancer since then. Her specialties include voice therapie, the speaking voice, individual and team training and choir conduction such as . While she is rooted in Berlin, she has been working in France, Austria and other parts of Germany as well. Beside her freelancing work, she performs different styles of music such as tango, oratorio, classical and pop, is a third-degree Reiki student and lives with her husband and two kids in Berlin. She sings for the Luna-Salonorchester songs from Zarah Leander for example and Karoline Juodelyte accompanies her on the piano in their tango program.

For Madeleine, the personal voice health and the joy of expressing oneself though voice and body are a way of life and are inextricably linked.

Specialties: Speaking Voice, Dysphonia, Transition and other voice conditions, Chanson, voice therapy and work with choirs.

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