EMCI, vocal coach, singer and piano player
EFP: 2014
EMT: 2015
EMCI: 2021

Specialties: Singing
Languages: Russian, Italian, English
(+39) 3337632225

I was born in Moscow, Russia. I have accomplished my artistic and professional studies in Russia. I have refined my studies and continued my career in Italy where I moved in 2003. Since 2013   I have been involved in EVT. In2015, I have received my EMT (Estill Master Trainer)certification and I have coordinated the organization of the first EVT seminar ever held in Russia. To date, I have supported numerous EVT seminars in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Tyumen), playing a double role as an instant translator and as a vocal trainer.I have developed managerial experience and ability in the organization of the EVT seminars in Russia with the help and support of local correspondents. I have been involved in the logistic, financial planning, marketing, participants registration.I am enthusiast of the EVT method, hoping to continue may career both in Italy and Russia.

Since 2021- Estill Mentor Course Instructor

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