Quintana Bellón
Singer, Composer, Arranger, Voice Teacher, B.A. Jazz, M.Mus. Jazz
Mapi Quintana Bellón
EMT: 2014

Specialties: Singing, Speaking
Languages: Spanish, English

 Mapi Quintana (Asturias, 1976)Mapi went to study jazz singing in Amsterdam in August 2000. Soon after, she discovered EVTS which changed her vision about singing. Finding the truth and beauty of human voice helped her to understand other musical traditions and look at the voice as a universal instrument beyond styles and schools.After finishing her bachelor degree and master degree in the Amsterdam Conservatory, while working as a singer in different musical projects, she started preparing her CMT exams with Yonathan Keren (CCI) and finally in April 2009, she got her CMT license under the tutorship of Steven Chicurel and Kerrie Obert.In May 2009, she went back to live in Spain to be closer to her family. She focuses mainly on the field of jazz and Asturian traditional music.She has been teaching singers and actors in different institutions and theater companies, a.o. Teatro del Cuervo, Caja de Músicos, Centro de Estudios de la Asturianada, Centro de Artes Escénicas 440hz and Jazz Music School Meidinerz, among others.

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