Froese Vieto
Voice Artist, Improviser, Vocal Coach
Vanessa Froese Vieto
EFP: 2015
EMT: 2016

Specialties: Singing, Speaking
Languages: German, English, Spanish
c/o Musikschule Isabell
Markt 17

Vanessa Vieto is a German-Panamanian voice artist and jazz singer, with a broad experience in different music styles from classical to musical and jazz. Today she focuses on jazz music, her own compositions and improvised music.Vocal Coach: Vanessa works as vocal coach for singers as well as choirs and leads workshops around Germany and at her own studio. In her coaching she combines EVT singing technique with her know-how as a singer and performer. All work is based on good vocal health exploring individual range of expression in the voice.Education: In 2012 she got in touch with EVT for the first time. Being impressed by the clarity and efficiency of the EVT-System for her own voice and for her teaching, she decided to do further studies and became a Estill Master Teacher (EMT). She was trained by Ann-Marie Speed, Dorte Hyldstrup and Helga Westmark and worked with various EMTs.Originally she was classically trained, in 2007 she started focussing on jazz and studied for 3 years with Manfred Billmann vocal jazz and travelled around the world to explore jazz and improvisation.Vanessa Vieto worked with (among others): Michael Betzner-Brandt, Joey Blake, Matthias Bublath, Bobby McFerrin, Liane Carrol, Richard Filz, Laja Genc, Matthias Goebel, Christiane Karam, Gunther Hampel, Anne Hartkamp, Christoph Hillmann, Urs Leimgruber, Angelica Nescier, Rhiannon, Sierra Maestro, Celine Rudolph, Markus Stockhausen, Sascha Ley, Sarah McGuiness, David Worm

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