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Jeffrey Miller
EFP: 2016
EMT: 2020

Specialties: Singing, Speaking
Languages: English
Jeffrey Miller is an Estill Master Trainer working out of Farmers Branch, TX. His understanding of voice pathology and physiology intersects with the fields of Otolaryngology, Speech-Language Pathology, and the comprehensive Estill Voice Model. His Estill journey started when he met Mary McDonald Klimek, VP of Estill, in 2013, and took the leap of faith down the voice science rabbit hole. Jeffrey operated his own vocal instruction studio in Belfast, Maine for three years, and moved his business to the nation's capital in 2019. He now lives in Dallas, Texas where he relocated in 2021. He has performed in principal roles for numerous community theatre productions, and he is writing songs for his debut album. In his spare time, Jeffrey participates in a myriad of writing workshops. His favorite genres are speculative fiction and poetry.

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