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Del Prete
EMT: 2009
Studies: vocal technique and musical theory at the Popular Music School in Rome (1986/1988); attends Jazz Clinics held by the Berkley School (Boston) in Perugia, Italy (1988) ; private music and vocal techinique lessons (1989/93); Degree in Modern Languages and Litterature , English, Spanish and French (Rome University, 1994), in 2001 starts her EVTs studies with Elisa Turlà and in may 2009 becomes CMT; in 2007 studies musical propedeutics for children. Working Activity: more than 20 national tv shows as a vocalist , soloist and vocal trainer 1987/2011 (Rai and Mediaset). concerts in many italian events and festivals as soloist and background vocalist for Italian pop singers. As a recording artist: The Choir in Heaven, Lunatic record 1991; Love in Portofino, Domani Musica 2005; in 2010 releases for Energy   dance single I BELIEVE and as  a component of vocal quartet THE UNFORGETTABLES many other releases. As a background vocalist recordered for many Italian artists on cds (Ambra, Silvia Salemi, Al Bano, Raffaella Carrà, etc.), for theatre and cinema productions. Didacticts: Teaches since 1993 in music school and seminars (vocal technique and pop interpretation). Since 2007 teaching at Saint Louis College of Music, Rome, Pop Repertoire and since 2015 in the Academic Courses. In 2017 Erasmus project at Metropolia University in Finland and in 2018 at West London University, Great Britain    

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