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BMUS and Masters of Teaching
Katrina Ryan
EFP: 2014
EMT: 2020

Specialties: Singing, Speaking, Therapy
Languages: English

As a skilled vocalist and educator, Katrina’s journey spans a rich tapestry of achievements. Her career, spanning 30 years, includes a flourishing solo jazz vocalist career and fronting Etypejazz. She has graced stages across Australia and globally, recording multiple albums and performing at prestigious events such as G’day USA, national Jazz Festivals, and alongside the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.

Beyond her performing prowess, Katrina is a joyful communicator with a passion for nurturing authentic self-expression. Her coaching style, characterised by inclusivity and compassion, empowers singers of all levels to realise their vocal potential. She offers personalised one-on-one sessions and group training, leveraging her extensive knowledge of vocal anatomy, physiology, and application to ensure effective outcomes.

Katrina’s professional qualifications are as diverse as her skill set. Armed with a Bachelor of Music, Masters of Teaching, Estill Master Trainer certification, Kodaly Certificate, and recognition as a Neuro-change practitioner she spearheads her own vocal studio, fostering a platform dedicated to honing vocal prowess and expression.

Katrina’s recent ventures, including producing and performing in shows like “Classic Songs of Hollywood” with renowned pianist Kym Purling and jazz vocalist Anita Wardell, exemplify her dedication to guiding others on their authentic journey of self-expression. Through her multifaceted career, she continues to inspire and empower individuals to find their unique voice, paving the way for genuine and impactful self-expression.

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