Meet Luke Steinhauer – a NYC-based vocal coach.

Luke Steinhauer, Estill Master Trainer, teaching voice online

He went from seeing 20 people a week in private lessons to almost doubling that online.

So many vocal coaches have had to make the transition from in person to online teaching (and learning). While this change has offered its challenges, access to high quality information online has never been greater.

Here at Estill, we know that you can still learn effectively and efficiently online!  Estill Voice Training offers THREE great exercises you can do right now that will help you sing higher and improve your vocal technique.

Vocal Exercise 1 – A Siren

We call your siren your Vocal Barometer: an exercise that forecasts the weather in the day ahead, be it fair or foul. If you encounter anything more bothersome, take time to do other exercises that you have found to be effective

Vocal Exercise 2 – False Vocal Fold Retraction

Without getting too technical, when your false vocal folds are retracted your vocal folds are less likely to get hurt. Silently laugh or cry. Your false vocal folds are retracted. Speak or sing with your internal laugh or cry and you’ll know you’re doing it healthily.

Vocal Exercise 3 – Practice Silently

Estill Voice Training teaches us to feel the vocal structures move before making any sound. Who says you need to make noise? Silent practice is quick and efficient. Arrange your vocal set up and go!

There’s A Voice Course For That (Of Course)

Want a course that explains in detail all of these voice hacks and more- sign up for the completely self-guided online course: Foundations of Estill Voice Training.

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