A common question that we hear all the time – Can an app actually teach you to sing?

You definitely can learn to sing with the help of an app.

Most singing apps today can help you with pitch and tone. While these apps may make singing fun, most don’t actually teach you how to sing.

Estill Exercises is our recommended main practice companion. Estill Exercises can be used any place where you use your phone. You can learn, listen, and practice all in one place.

Estill Voice Certified Trainers from across the globe have created video demos for you to always practice with. You can get tips from other voice users and ask questions or respond to others in the social feed. If you speak a language other than English, there’s information and exercises in six languages in the Estill Exercises app.

In this app, you’ll be reminded how the voice works, and then use what you’ve learned and apply it towards songs, monologues, speeches, or anytime you use your voice.

Download the Estill Exercises App for Apple or Android devices today