Are you interested in becoming a voice teacher?

At Estill Voice International, we get asked this question a lot. To help you out, we have outlined the five essential steps to becoming a voice teacher:

Step One – Know Your Strengths

When we enter the process of becoming a teacher, we bring with us the concepts and exercises we have encountered in the past.  Many of us come with formal credentials in other pedagogical, therapeutic or body-work disciplines.

Know and honor these unique strengths. Your background is what makes you special.

Step Two – Find Your Ideal Clients

Your first clients will be your friends or friends of friends. Give them the best lesson you can and they’ll help you get the word out about the quality of your services.

Consider advertising on social media targeted to potential ideal clients.

Most importantly, teach online. Our ability to reach people across borders and boundaries has never been more accessible. Take advantage of it.

Step 3 – Focus on Providing A Great Service

Have you created a studio space that invites your clients to focus on the work?

Have you streamlined your booking process using free scheduling apps like: calendly, google calendar, & others?.

Is your Zoom room configured with settings like: “original sound”?

Just like the quality of service at your favorite restaurant affects the quality of food, so does the service you provide to your clients. Create a space and process that allows your clients to focus on their personal vocal goals.

Step 4 – Network within the Voice Community

Collaborating with others allows you to stay up to date with current voice research, voice science, and activities in the voice teacher community. Our Estill Voice Trainer community is dynamic, vibrant and connected. The community regularly refers and recommends colleagues to students & clients based on their personal experience of skills as teachers.

Step 5 – Keep Learning

Voice training is an ongoing, dynamic science. The more courses you attend, the more you will learn.

Our newest offering, Foundations of Estill Voice Training is a completely self-guided & self- directed online course. This course can help you strengthen your skills by diving deep into our science backed, data driven program to train the voice. You’ll also master healthy vocal function, while gaining range, flexibility, and endurance.

Our Foundations of Estill course will also set you on the path to certification in Estill Voice Training- a distinction recognized across the globe that sets you apart as a leader in voice training & rehabilitation.

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