Estill Voice Training gives you a community of like-minded singers and speakers…and now we all speak the same language.

In Estill Voice Training, we speak a language rooted in science.  Some examples include:

-“True Vocal Fold Body Cover”

-“The Aryepiglottic Sphincter, AES”

-“Head and neck anchoring”

– & many more!

Estill Voice Training teaches isolated control of individual anatomical structures within the dynamic and complex voice production system.

By focusing on one structure at a time, the learning process is simplified, and enables speakers and singers to differentiate and voluntarily control each structure.

Combinations of structural conditions are called Voice qualities.

Voice quality is the characteristic of an individual voice or style of voicing, independent of speech sounds, pitch, and loudness. The term quality does not imply good or bad. In fact, Estill Voice training has no esthetic bias except in vocal health.

So, the next time you hear: “the true and the false vocal folds” or “cricoid cartilage”

Know that this new language is based in science, anatomy and physiology, and what’s actually happening when you use your voice.

Estill Voice Training believes when you master the basic movements of healthy vocal function, you unlock endless possibilities for artistry, and performance magic.


Want To Get Started On Your Path To Certification?

Voice training is an ongoing, dynamic science.

Our newest offering, Foundations of Estill Voice Training is a completely self-guided & self- directed online course. This course can help you strengthen your skills by diving deep into our science backed, data driven program to train the voice. You’ll also master healthy vocal function, while gaining range, flexibility, and endurance.

Our Foundations of Estill course will also set you on the path to certification in Estill Voice Training- a distinction recognized across the globe that sets you apart as a leader in voice training & rehabilitation.

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