Estill Voice International to present a North American Voice Summit June 25-26, 2022

Leaders in voice training & rehabilitation to present masterclasses, workshops, and presentations highlighting the dynamic & diverse impact of Estill Voice Training®.

New York, NY: Estill Voice International, the leader in voice training & rehabilitation across the globe, will bring together leaders from the Estill Voice Training community in North America to offer master classes, workshops, lectures, and performances demonstrating the limitless potential of our life changing model for training the voice. Since its founding, Estill Voice International and its certified trainers (1000+ across the globe) have been training and rehabilitating world class performers to every-day voice users by offering unsurpassed products and trainings that unlock the vocal potential in everyone. Presenters at the Estill Voice North American Summit include:

  • JOAN LADER, Tony Award Winning Voice Coach
  • NED LOTT, Disney & Pixar animation Producer & Voice Director
  • KLEA BLACKHURST, NYC based Actress, Singer, Comedienne
  • TOM BURKE, Voice Coach for TV & Professional Speakers
  • KIMBERLY STEINHAUER, Estill Voice International President
  • BRIAN WINNIE, Director of Choral Activities, Western Illinois University
  • JARON LEGRAIR, International Voice Coach (TikTok 195K, YouTube 30.4K)
  • SCOTT SUSSMAN, Speech Language Pathologist, Weill Cornell
  • MARY MCDONALD KLIMEK, Estill Voice International Founding Partner
  • STEVEN CHICUREL-STEIN, Former Director, School of Performing Arts, UCF
  • KELLY BURGE, California based Voice Coach for TV/Film/Voice Over
  • JOANNA LOTT, Director of Voice & Swallowing Rehabilitation, UVA
  • CARI TELLIS, Professor of Speech Language Pathology, Misericordia University
  • CATHERINE WALKER, Assistant Professor Musical Theatre, University of Michigan

During this weekend of vocal versatility & vibrant health, participants will dive deep into the anatomy & physiology, acoustics, and perception of speech & singing, learn from award winning, world renowned, voice coaches, explore the craft of various styles of singing, and network with leaders in voice training & rehabilitation from across the globe. Tickets can be purchased at

Estill Voice International provides unparalleled educational opportunities, software solutions, specialized healthcare products, and world-renowned Estill Voice Training®. Central to its mission is vocal empowerment for all. Estill Voice International accomplishes its goals by merging science and art through progressive research, accessible technology, and innovative teaching techniques. Estill Voice International offers unsurpassed products and services for unlocking the vocal potential in everyone.

For more information contact:

Luke Steinhauer

Head of Customer Experience & Digital Media

Estill Voice International