Estill Voice Training started with Jo Estill: an inspirational singer, inventive teacher, and innovative scientist who believed that “Everyone has a beautiful voice.”

Her collaborative research with elite scientists throughout the world created a system for training the voice that continues to evolve and impact the essential work of artists, teachers, and clinicians daily.

Estill Voice Training® focuses on the craft of voice production before the Artistry of performance.

This means that you first identify, isolate, and control the 13 structures that are a part of your dynamic and complex voice production system. 

Then you use principles of athletic science to train the voice before the performance just as athletes train the body before the event. 

Once you Study your vocal structures and learn how to move them you produce any voice quality by moving your spaces in the right places.

The Estill Voice Training Paradigm shifts the focus away from text & music and toward voice production.

Because once you learn that you do in fact have control over your own voice, you’ll realize how beautiful your voice is. And like Jo said, once you know how beautiful your voice is, “There’s nothing you can’t dream and nothing you can’t do.” 

Start your vocal empowerment journey today by taking our completely online self-guided, self-directed, course “Foundations of Estill Voice Training.”