Estill Voice International (EVI) is delighted to announce that the Vocal Traditions article authored by its president, Kim Steinhauer, and EVI founding partner, Mary McDonald Klimek, has been included as a chapter in the newly published book Vocal Traditions: Training in the Performing Arts. This book explores the 18 most influential voice training techniques and methodologies of the past century, providing readers with an extensive international collection of historically important voice teachers, contemporary leaders in the field, and rising schools of thought.

Each vocal tradition in the book showcases its instructional perspective, offering backgrounds on the founder(s), key concepts, example exercises, and further resources. This systematic approach allows for a unique pedagogical evaluation of the vast voice training field, which encompasses not only university and conservatory training, but also private session and workshop coaching.

Covering a global range of voice training systems, this book is ideal for those studying voice, singing, speech, and accents, as well as researchers from the fields of communication, music education, and performance. Vocal Traditions: Training in the Performing Arts was originally published as a series in the Voice and Speech Review journal and is now available for purchase at major book selling locations, as well as on the Routledge website, with all proceeds going to VASTA. 

This accomplishment highlights the expertise and contribution of our EVI president and our EVI founding partner to the field of voice training.

EVI extends its warmest congratulations to Kim Steinhauer and Mary McDonald Klimek on this achievement and expresses gratitude for their significant contribution to the Routledge/VASTA project.