Estill Voice International, a leading provider of voice training and education, has recently achieved approval from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) for Estill Voice Training® Level 2: Figure Combinations for Six Voice Qualities™. Estill Voice Training® Level 2 courses are now eligible for 1.50 ASHA Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

What is Estill Voice Training?

Estill Voice Training is a comprehensive approach to vocal technique and performance. Developed by Jo Estill, it focuses on understanding the anatomy and physiology of the voice and provides practical tools for singers, actors, and voice therapists.

ASHA CEUs for Estill Voice Training

ASHA is a professional organization that sets standards for speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and related professionals. ASHA CEUs are essential for maintaining professional certification and staying up-to-date with the latest research and techniques.

Estill Voice International has become an official ASHA Approved CE Provider, demonstrating its commitment to high-quality continuing education. ASHA Approved CE Providers adhere to rigorous standards set by the ASHA Continuing Education Board (CEB).

Eligible Courses

Currently, three Estill Voice Training courses are eligible for ASHA CEUs:

  1. Foundations of Estill Voice Training® (0.85 ASHA CEUs): This self-guided online course explores the anatomy and physiology behind the Estill Voice Training Figures for Voice. Participants learn how to integrate these figures into drama, music, or voice therapy applications. The course also covers voice quality assessment and recording using Estill Voiceprint1.
  2. Estill Voice Training® Level 1: Figures for Voice™ (1.55 ASHA CEUs): Level 1 teaches the craft of speaking and singing, introducing exercises that provide new vocal options for various styles. Participants delve into the anatomy and physiology of the Estill Voice Model and learn how to integrate it into their work. Spectral analysis software, Estill Voiceprint, is used for voice sample recording and analysis.
  3. Estill Voice Training® Level 2: Figure Combinations for Six Voice Qualities™ (1.50 ASHA CEUs): Level 2 combines Figure options from Level 1 to produce six voice qualities–Speech, Falsetto, Sob, Twang, Opera, and Belt. This course offers a clear understanding of the voice’s limitless possibilities, along with how to keep it vibrant and healthy.

Obtaining ASHA CEUs

To obtain ASHA CEUs for Level 2, participants must follow these steps:

  1. Indicate during course registration that they wish to receive credit.
  2. Attend all days of the LIVE Level 2 course
  3. Provide feedback through the course evaluation process.

For more information, interested individuals can contact CE Administrator Luke Steinhauer at

Estill Voice International continues to expand its offerings, with plans to make all Estill Voice Training courses, workshops, and conferences eligible for ASHA CEUs in the future. Whether you’re a voice professional, therapist, or performer, these courses provide valuable tools for enhancing vocal skills and understanding the limitless possibilities of the human voice