Phase One
Phase One Exams
  • EMCI with Advanced Testing Privileges administers three exam components: Article Critique Essay, Written Exam and Oral Exams.
  • Specific knowledge and application of The Estill Voice Model, and Estill Voice Training® are included.
  • Formal exams usually require 4-5 hours.
  • Exam Administration Fees are paid to the EMCI examiners. Suggested minimums are 600 USD, 600 GBP, 600 Euro, and 800 AUD
Passing Criteria 
  • Written Exams: 90%.
  • Essay and Oral Exams: at least 15 out of 20 points.
  • EMCI-TP Mentor records success in the Certification Center database and EMT becomes a EMCI-Candidate. No additional fees due at this time.
Phase Two Presentation
Phase Two
Pass Criteria
  • Successful presentation of the complete EVT Level 1 & 2 course curriculum
Post-Observation Procedures
  • Mentor records the pass in Certification Center.
  • New EMCI signs in to register, accept the Certification Letter of Agreement and pay Registration Fee. Payment will be for monthly dues between the certification date and December 31st, up to 350 USD.
  • EMCI Certificate can be printed from the Certification Center homepage.
EMCI Benefits
& Scope
  • All the benefits accorded to a EMT, plus permission to teach EVT in public courses and freely present on the Estill Voice Model in conferences and symposia.
  • Benefits apply while EMCI upholds their Certification Agreement, pays annual dues, actively participates in the EVT Community, attends one EWVS every 6 years, and complies with additional continuing education or update requirements
  1. Portfolio Application Fee (100 USD)
  2. Testing Registration Fee (110 USD)
  3. Registration Fee (prorated depending on month of upgrade)
  4. EMCI Annual Dues (371 USD, renewable each January) are payable to EVI via the Certification Center 

These dues support the growth and future of Estill Voice Training® and maintain the EFP’s accounts in the EVT My Trainer Center and Certification Center. All Coaching and Exam Administration Fees are payable to individual coaches and EMCI Mentor-Examiner and should be discussed and agreed upon in advance of service per EVI policy.