Jo Estill, creator of Estill Voice Training®, believed that “everyone has a beautiful voice” and that this beauty can be revealed when we understand the moving parts of the voice and how to control them. The central mission of Estill Voice International, LLC, is to make effective voice training accessible to everyone by supporting the members of its Estill Voice Training® Community. We are empowered by our knowledge of Estill Voice Training® to become agents of change in our students’ lives and agents of a paradigm shift in voice pedagogy. Holding any level of certification in Estill Voice Training® is both an achievement and a privilege.

EVI maintains a rigorous Certification Program with the support of its Certification Advisory Board. The value of certification through EVI is enhanced by the rigor of its standards. Certification supports consistent quality and expertise in the delivery of Estill Voice Training® concepts and exercises through- out the world, thus protecting the integrity of this unique system.

Estill Voice International, LLC, offers three levels of certification. Estill Figure Proficiency (EFP) is an individual achievement earned by demonstrating the basic options for voice control taught in Estill Voice Training® Level One and Two Courses. Estill Master Trainers (EMT) must prove that they can train individuals in the basic principles of Estill Voice Training® and all of its Figures and Qualities. The Estill Mentor and Course Instructor (EMCI) presents public courses in Estill Voice Training® and commits to “training the trainers”, playing a vital role in the certification process as coach, examiner, and mentor.

EFPs, EMTs and EMCIs are privileged to represent Estill Voice Training® in the world. In return for this privilege, they agree to adhere to the Core Values and Practice Standards of the Estill Voice Training® Com- munity. Provisions in our Certification Letter of Agreement include:

  • Treat students, EVT Community colleagues, and professional peers from all pedagogical traditions with respect, fairness, and collegiality;
  • Accurately represent your certification level and abide by its conditions and limitations in all professional and promotional activities;
  • Promote yourself as a member of the Estill Voice Training® Community only while maintaining active affiliation with Estill Voice International, LLC, through continuing education activities determined by your certification level and renewal of this agreement with payment of annual fees.

An abbreviated version of certification requirements and procedures is provided here. If you decide to pursue certification, you must study the detailed descriptions contained in the Estill Voice Training® Certification Manual, Version 5.2 (free download here). All fees are subject to change at any time. Confirm that you have the latest version of this guide.

Fees due to EVI are reported and paid in USD. Guidelines for Examination Administration Fees are due to EMCIs and are presented in USD, Euro, GBP, and AUD. Per EVI policy, all fees must be discussed and agreed upon in advance.

For any questions, email