Estill Figure Proficiency (EFP) is a demonstration of personal skill in Craft. To earn this certificate, individuals must develop voice motor control of the Figure exercises in Estill Voice Training® Level 1 & 2 Courses. Dedicated applicants are able to prepare for and meet this requirement within a year.

Because the EFP is based on personal performance of the Estill Figures, these individuals cannot represent, promote, nor advertise themselves as official EVT teachers in printed materials, websites, or on social media platforms. This privilege is reserved for EMTs and EMCIs; however, the EFP is the first step toward these other levels of certification and are recognized as Trainers as the most basic level in the EVT Community. EFPs may advertise that their teaching is influenced by EVT, but are not permitted to teach EVT Workshops & Courses.


The EFP process can begin after an individual has completed official Level 1 & 2 Courses in Estill Voice Training® as confirmed by a Certificate of Attendance signed by an EMCI. This requirement is most easily met by attending one of the public courses taught by an EMCI listed on www.estillvoice.com. The following options could also meet this course prerequisite requirement:

  • Authorized courses taught in academic settings not listed on www.estillvoice.com
    • Courses must have an EVI assigned course approval number.
    • Courses must present the complete EVT curriculum with teaching and presentation materials published by Estill Voice International, LLC, including the Course Workbooks, Course Presentation Slides, Research Videos, Practice Videos, and Estill Voiceprint Plus™ .
    • Courses must be taught by an EMCI or an EMT with EVI authorization supervised by an EMCI who vouches for the teaching quality and whose name appears on the Certificate of Attendance.
  • Private study of EVT Level 1 & 2 Courses with an EMCI
    • Private teaching must include the purchase of the Workbooks, complete EVT curriculum and the EMCI must give the student a letter verifying that all appropriate conditions have been met unless the EMCI has created a private course listing for a certificate of attendance . (Private study with an EMT does not meet this requirement.)

Preparation for Testing

Download the EFP STUDY GUIDE

1) Gain proficiency in EVT Figure Options & Hand Signal Demonstrations:

Proficiency is gained through focused deliberate practice of the Figures for Voice Control™ in both Level 1 & 2 Courses. Note that it may be necessary to work through these courses more than once and/or to receive private tutoring from an EMT or EMCI to develop true proficiency in Figure Options and Hand Signal demonstrations. Per EVI policy, all coaching fees payable to EMTs and EMCIs should be clearly communicated well in advance. The EFP applicant is required to purchase and use Estill Voiceprint Plus™ while preparing for the examination.

2) Find an EMCI Mentor:

Although an individual preparing for EFP testing might prepare by studying with many members of the EVT Community, they are required to find an EMCI who is willing to act as primary Mentor for progress tracking in the Estill Voice International Certification Center. Any EMCI in good standing may serve as a Mentor for individuals preparing to qualify as EFPs.

3) Register for EFP Testing:

Once a Mentor has been found, the individual working toward EFP must create an account in the Certification Center. Selecting “Sign Up” will take the applicant through the process of registering for EFP Testing. A form will appear to collect personal contact, EMCI Mentor, and billing information. Payment completes the “Sign Up” process; another fee will be charged when testing is successfully completed. All certification fees and guidelines are reported in the EVT Certification-at-a-Glance.

This Certification Center “Sign Up” and EFP Testing Registration Fee payment support accounts in both the Certification Center and the EVT My Trainer Center. Both accounts use the same username and password and are accessed from the top of www.estillvoice.com.

The Certification Center contains a “Progress Tracker” page. Both applicant and Mentor have access to the information on this page. Once the applicant is registered for the exam, their “Testing Progress” will show “Registered”.

The My Trainer Center drop-down menu includes “My Profile” with a form for updating contact information, username and password, and privacy controls. My Trainer Center also leads to “Resources” with access to documents and videos that may be helpful in preparing for testing. As certification status changes, new resources become available.

4) Schedule the EFP Voiceprint Protocol with Hand Signal Examination:

The EMCI Mentor must log into their Certification Center and find the applicant in their “My Testing Center” page. The EMCI schedules the exam by changing the applicant’s “Testing Progress” to “Pending Exam” and entering a date into the “Exam Schedule Date” field and clicking “Save Changes”. Typically, the EMCI Mentor administers the Estill Voiceprint Plus™ EFP Testing Protocol Exam; however, any other EMCI may be engaged to do so. In such cases, the EMCI Examiner must communicate testing results to the EMCI Mentor.

EFP Examination Fees

Examination fees are payable to the EMCI who conducts the examination. EVI sets a minimum for examination fees. These minimum amounts are reported in the Certification-at-a-Glance. If re-testing is required, additional fees will be applied. Specific fees associated with the EMCI Examiner’s time should be clearly communicated prior to testing.

EFP Examination Administration

Standard Testing Conditions:

The EMCI conducting the examination must be in a quiet room with the EFP applicant. The EFP applicant may consult notes but may not watch the Estill Voiceprint screen during testing. The EMCI is solely responsible for making recordings and managing the inventories of the testing protocol files.

Remote Testing Conditions:

Following special guidelines from EVI, an EMCI can administer this exam over the internet via video conferencing when the logistics of face-to-face testing are prohibitive. High quality video and audio connections are assumed; someone other than the EFP Applicant, a Proctor, must manage the Estill Voiceprint Plus™ program as the examiner observes. The inventory of the exam recorded in the room by the Proctor will be used as the basis for the examiner’s assessment. See further Remote Testing Guidelines for special circumstance allowances.

Testing Procedures:

EFP candidates will be asked to record all 26 of the tasks in the EFP Voiceprint Protocol on pitches of their choice while using Hand Signals. Pitches may vary from task to task and quality scales may ascend or descend. The Estill Siren must be performed over a 1.5 octave range and may ascend or descend. Examinees are given all the time they need to complete 3 trials of each task. A well-prepared applicant can complete the entire EFP Voiceprint Protocol with Hand Signals in 1-2 hours.

Passing Criteria:

The examining EMCI will use visual and auditory judgments to evaluate the applicant’s success in demonstrating the options in each task. To pass a given task an acceptable production of Figure Options with appropriate Hand Signals must be recorded within 3 trials.


If the applicant is unable to pass all of the tasks in the EFP Voiceprint Protocol with Hand Signals in the first testing session, additional sessions may be scheduled. When the exam is not passed in its entirety, only those elements that were not acceptable need to be repeated. The applicant may have up to 2 extra examination sessions within the year following the first examination date to pass the EFP Protocol. If formal testing is not successfully completed within a year, the applicant must retake the entire EFP Protocol as if they were a new applicant. Per EVI policy, testing fees associated with the EMCI’s time and scoring of repeat examinations should be clearly communicated prior to testing.

Finalizing Successful Completion

After successful completion of the EFP exam, the EMCI Mentor must log in to their Certification Center and change the applicant’s testing status in their “My Testing Center”. The Mentor must change the “Testing Progress” to “Complete” and check-mark the box “Passed” under Voiceprint Exam Status and then click on “Save Changes”. Notes and reminders may also be recorded in the “Exam Notes” field. Only EMCI Mentors have access to the applicant’s progress tracker. In cases where the examiner and Mentor are not the same person, the examiner must notify the Mentor as soon as possible of exam completion. The EMCI Mentor and applicant can then complete the process as follows:

1) Review Scope of Certification:

Once the EFP examination has been successfully completed, the EMCI Mentor and new EFP will review the Scope of EFP Certification, the schedule of annual Renewal Dues, and review the Core Values & Practice Standards.

2) Complete New Certification Registration and EFP Account Activation:

After the EMCI Mentor saves the changes to the applicant’s “Progress Tracker”, the applicant must sign into their own Certification Center account and activate their EFP Certification. Activation of their new EFP Certification requires the new EFP to indicate acceptance of terms in the Certification Letter of Agreement and to pay their EFP Registration/Activation Fee. (Current fees can be found in the latest version of the Certification-at-a-Glance.) Annual EFP Renewal Dues are to be paid each January following EFP Activation in order to remain in good standing.

Completion of the steps above update the Certification Center and My Trainer Center accounts and activate the EFP listing in the Find a Trainer directory on www.estillvoice.com. EFP recipients can print EFP Certificates from their home page in the Certification Center. The EFP must go to “My Profile” in the “My Trainer Center” to edit contact information and to reset the privacy policies at the bottom of the form to control the information appearing to the public in the EFP Directory. Access will continue so long as the EFP remains in good standing and active within the EVT Community by renewing the Certification Agreement and paying the annual subscription fee each year.


Scope of Certification:

Individuals with EFP certification are encouraged to integrate Estill Voice Training® in their private studios, clinics, and classrooms. EFPs are encouraged to share personal experience with EVT with their students and clients and promote regional events and offerings held by EMT and EMCI colleagues. EFPs are not permitted to teach official EVT Workshops or Courses.

EVT Community Participation:

EFPs are welcomed as members of the EVT Trainer Community and expected to adhere to its standards for social and professional behavior as outlined in our Core Values & Practice Standards.

E-Updates (Estill Trainer Email Updates):

The EFP will automatically receive E-Updates from EVI that contain information and invitations pertinent to certified members of the EVT Community. EFPs are responsible for making sure the email associated with their My Trainer Center and Certification Center account is accurate. EFPs should not unsubscribe an email address from E-Updates without providing EVI with a new email address first.

Certification Center and My Trainer Center Access:

Individuals who have earned the EFP can access the Certification Center to print certificates, pay annual fees, and “Register for EMT Examinations”. Resources in the My Trainer Center include documents and videos to support preparation for EMT examinations. Access to both accounts will continue so long as the EFP remains actively affiliated with Estill Voice International by renewing the Certification Agreement and paying the annual fee each January.

Professional Promotion:

Individuals with EFP certification are permitted to report this accomplishment in curriculum vitae and promotional biographical descriptions. Use of the EFP graphic “Badge” is permitted in print and other media when placed in context of professional development and earned qualifications. Please note: “Estill”, “EVT”, and/or “EVC” (Estill Voice Craft) may not appear in business names, email addresses, nor in website domain names or titles of social media accounts that function as a substitute for a personal or business website. Click for more Social Media Guidelines.

Listing on EstillVoice.com:

EFPs are listed in the “Find a Trainer” directory on www.estillvoice.com. The EFP recipient can edit this listing and/or reset the privacy policies that support the listing through their My Trainer Center account at any time by visiting “My Profile”, entering edits and saving changes. This information appears so long as the EFP remains actively affiliated with Estill Voice International, LLC by renewing the Certification Agreement and paying the annual fee each January.

Nomination and Voting Privileges:

EFPs can nominate and vote for new members of the EVT Certification Advisory Board. In addition, EFPs are permitted to nominate candidates for Service Distinction and the Estill Lifetime Achievement Award (ELAA). Opportunities are communicated through E-Updates.


Annual Fees (Renewal Dues):

The EFP annual fee supports the growth and future of Estill Voice Training® and maintains EFP accounts in the My Trainer and Certification Center. Renewal of the Certification Agreement at time of payment affirms the EFP’s active support of the Estill Voice Training® Community. Only EFPs who promote Estill Voice Training® and support the mission of Estill Voice International are eligible to pursue EMT status. EFP privileges are withdrawn when active affiliation is not maintained. If fee payments are more than 30 days past due, accounts will be deactivated and listing on the website removed. To return to active membership in the EVT Community and restore account access, the EFP will be required to pay all outstanding annual fees and a re-activation fee. See Retirement/Resignation/Reinstatement for more details.

Continuing Education:

EFPs are encouraged to stay up-to-date with new developments in Estill Voice Training® and complete any on-boarding or continuing education requirements provided by EVI. EFPs are encouraged to attend Estill World Voice Symposiums (EWVS), regional Summit Meetings, online updates, etc. EFPs are responsible for making sure that the email associated with their My Trainer and Certification Center account is accurate and active so that they can receive notification via E-Update should there be a change in the continuing education policy.

Obligations to Colleagues and EVI:

Each year when EFPs pay their annual fees, they renew their Certification Agreement with EVI. This agreement stipulates that the EFP will accurately represent their certification level and respect EVI’s intellectual property rights. In addition, EFPs will agree to conform to the EVT Community’s Core Values & Practice Standards for professional conduct and relationships with colleagues. As representatives of the Estill Voice Training® Community in the world, they are further advised to exercise caution in posting content to social media visible to the public that might violate their Certification Agreement.

Overview of Fees associated with the EFP Process

Current Fees are listed in the Certification Center and within the Certification-at-a-Glance.

EFP Exam Fee:

This fee, payable to EVI at the time of “sign-up” and exam registration, registers an individual’s intention to be examined for EFP and establishes their My Trainer Center and Certification Center accounts.

Training Fees:

These fees are paid directly to any EMCI or EMT involved. Per EVI policy, these fees should be discussed and agreed upon in advance.

Examination Administration Fees:

Examination fees are paid directly to the EMCI who conducts the examination and may vary by region. Minimum amounts are set by the Certification Advisory Board (CAB). Fees for a proctor and translator may apply and will also vary by region. If re-testing is required, additional fees will be applied. EVI requires that all EMCIs communicate their specific fees in advance of testing.

EFP Account Activation Fee:

Upon completion of the EFP Exam, the EMCI Mentor updates the EFP Candidate’s Certification Center account. The Candidate must complete the EFP process by registering their EFP in the Certification Center and paying the Account Activation fee. The Candidate is now recognized as a Trainer in the EVT community, on the EVT website, and gains access to resources in the My Trainer Center. The new EFP can print out their EFP Trainer Certificate and begin advertising themselves as an EFP with the EFP badge and EVT logos. The new EFP will receive Trainer Updates and invitations to Trainer exclusive events.

Annual Certification Fee (Renewal Dues):

EFP Renewal Dues are to be paid each January regardless of the month the Trainer completed their EFP Certification. This fee maintains EFP accounts in the My Trainer Center and Certification Center and supports Estill Voice International in its mission. Annual fees associated with advancement to a new level of certification during any year will be prorated.